Jenie Yolland Glass Artist

Board Room Centre Piece Giant Leaf Platter

Purchase scrumptions cheeses and exotic pate and share with your colleagues on this magnificent oversized glass cheese platter…..enjoy 🙂

Giant Leaf – Cheese Centrepiece by Jenie Yolland

I will show you here how big this leaf is on a table (it is 88cm long and 48cm wide).  The next series of centrepiece leaves that I will make will be 48cm long and 28cm wide.  Please email me if you want one!

Giant centrepiece leaf

Other centre pieces for your dining room (in your boardroom) or at home will be available soon.

If there is something you are dreaming of and can’t find in a shop – lets talk in case we can make your dream come true.

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2 thoughts on “Board Room Centre Piece Giant Leaf Platter

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  2. As Jen’s husband I am, of course, a bit biased. But these huge glass gum leaves are really spectacular and magnificent. Genuine art!


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