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Hamilton Island inspired art glass platter

We have had the pleasure of travelling to Hamilton Island in Queensland on several occasions…..on our most recent trip we hired one of the catamarans and went skipping and swaying over the magnificent little bay.

Hamilton Island is the largest inhabited island of the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Australia.

At least two major motion pictures have been filmed on Hamiilton Island, “Muriel’s Wedding” 1994; and “Fool’s Gold” 2008.  Have you seen them?

Hamilton Island, like most in the Whitsunday group, was formed as sea levels rose creating numerous drowned mountains that are situated close to the east coast of Queensland, Australia.

Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia

Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia

If you haven’t been to Hamilton Island yet, it really has it all!

Swim up bar on Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia

Swim up bar on Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia

So I decided to make a glass piece that reminded me of this turquoise on blue environment and here it is:

Hamilton Island by Jenie Yollandif you look closely you will note that this glass series has a tactile element and that the glass isn’t fully fused in the centre, but its like the little waves in the bay….gentle ……peaceful…like a soft breeze….

Hamilton Island 20x35You can see that I used to put a little yacht in the left hand corner of these pieces (I don’t add the yacht anymore) so that the platter doesn’t have a right/wrong way up.

100_5107This tactile 3D feel in the middle of the glass is produced by controlling the temperature which allows all the glass pieces to soften and melt a little and at this exact point, I reduce the temperature of the kiln before all the glass melts completely.

Hamilton Island by Jenie Yolland

Hamilton Island by Jenie Yolland

When you sail around the Whitsundays you see all sorts of wondrous things.

CIMG6160or your can just relax and have a cocktail by the pool.

Thank you for reading my blog  🙂

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