Jenie Yolland Glass Artist

White white white in glass art.

you know there’s this river in France its called RIVER MARNE….(here it is)

River Marne, France

River Marne, France

we were there once when it was almost completely frozen over… was very unusual for us as Australians to see this….ice in River Marne

ice was rushing downstream, I can’t tell you how fast the river flows but in wintertime, it fast!
ice block on riverThis is the inspiration for this all white glass work.  River Marne by Jenie YollandAs you can see, I first make up the centre feature which is stringers of glass fully fused into clear glass.  I cut these into 2cm strips and place them in between white edge strips.

River Marne by Jenie YollandI like to put the strips on right angles to each other as I imagine the ice twisting and turning as it journeys downstream in France.  River Marne (3) by Jenie YollandI make this design in three different sizes at the moment, they are 20cmx20cms,



These are the sizes you can see here, but I can make anything up to 50cms x 50cms in this design if that’s what you’d like.

ice drifting down the riverI hope you like my glass work.  Please let me know if you do, you can friend me on facebook.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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