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Colourful Glass

After I’d made a few of these from my Kaleidoscope series (see below), I decided that I wanted much more definition between the colours and that’s how I came up with the design I’m sharing with you today.

Here’s how I get started.  First, I cut a piece of clear glass cut to the base shape that I wanted to end up with.

Second, I only half fuse it which means that the temperature of the kiln only goes up to 670 degrees and stays at the top temperature for only 10 minutes.

Glass by jens studio

Building up the design …

Glass by jens studio

Glass by jens studio

After this is tack fused together the glass pieces don’t move and I’m able to work with them now they are permanently in position.

Life's  Colours by Jenie Yolland

The edges of the pieces are still sharp and stationary.  I carefully wash the piece in soapy water and make sure its 100% dry before I go on to the next step.

frit grades

It’s time to add some “Frit”.

Frit comes in various grades from coarse to fine and the finest of all is called POWDER.

frit pile

I get the powder in between all the gaps in the glass.  I do this with all the appropriate safety apparatus – you should see me – usually I have headphones on and then I add a face mask – I certainly look a sight!

Here is some purple frit. (This is medium coarseness.)

purple frit

Here is some frit that’s fine red …

red frit

Life's Colours by Jenie Yolland (6)

I have some samplers of this design of glass with all different frit colours and I’ll share them with you on another occasion.

facebook pic

I then put the whole lot into my kiln and full fuse it at a temperature of 766 degrees and leave it at this top temperature for 20minutes: you can see that the black “frit” powder has become glossy black glass separating the bright transparent colourful sections.

Life's Colours by Jenie Yolland

I’ve put it in a stand and its ready for someone to purchase!

Life's Colours by Jenie Yolland

Here’s another angle of the same work.

Here is the same design in a 15cm x 15cm platter.Life's Colours by Jenie Yolland (11)

Here is my Life’s Colours Design in a 30x30cm platter.

Lifes colours by Jenie Yolland

Here is my Life’s Colours Design in a Baguette Plate.

Baguette Plate by Jenie Yolland

Thought I’d share a picture of my loyal helper and this platter ready to be photographed 🙂

Zac and Baguette Platter

This art glass series is called LIFE’S COLOURS is because the pieces are all the same – well they are all made of the same 17 transparent glass colours – and they symbolise us … we are all made up of the same chemicals and minerals.  We all have DNA that is so very nearly identical to each other, and yet, we are all very unique and special.  Like these plates and platters and art works, they are all one-offs, too!

Do you like this design?  I teach people how to do this in my Richmond, Melbourne Studio. Would you like me to teach you? It’s fun and creative – making your own piece costs about $200 including refreshments. Email me on if you’re interested 🙂

Another time I’ll share some of my students’ works!

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