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Rainforest , Mossman Gorge and Freedom

We have had the pleasure of travelling to Far North Queensland on several occasions.  One of our holidays included a trip to the fabulous Mossman Gorge.  See it at the top of this map.  map mosman port douglas etc.Mossman Gorge contains the oldest continuously surviving rainforest on earth.  Just one hectare of the 120,000 hectare forest can contain over 30,000 species of  plants and animals.  Considered by many to be the evolutionary cradle for much of Australia’s plant and wildlife species, the forest has managed to survive for over 135 million years and, with the right protection is expected to survive for generations to come.  (this is really truly what it looks like).mossman gorge far north queenslnad  At Mossman River the crystal-clear waters cascade over granite boulders and form watering holes surrounded by lush green rainforest.  These sheltered retreats offer the perfect location for a refreshing swim.  The water is cool, clear and magnificent.  Your troubles float away as you are surrounded by nature at its best.  Gorge Activities content Also to give you some idea of where this is – here is a map of Queensland, you can see Cairns at the northernmost airport on the map below.  I hope this gives you some idea of how big Queensland really is.  (If you are interested to know Texas fits almost twice into Queensland.)  There’s a fabulous computer programme where you can overlay any part of the world over any other part, but I haven’t worked out how to copy it to show you.  Its called – let me know if you enjoy this as much as I do!

queensland-mapHere is a professional photograph available as a desktop screen saver that was taken in a Rainforest such as around Mossman River, Queensland.  Magnificent, isn’t it?

3602_free-desktop-tropical-rainforest-waterfall-11-1440x900-hd-wallpaperIf you ever get a change to go to Mossman Gorge, you can attend a famous “smoking” ceremony that cleanses and wards off bad spirits.  Under the towering canopy of the rainforest you are guided through a sacred ceremony site, and past traditional shelters all the while discovering its unique and diverse flora and fauna.  Dreamtime Content 2

You can learn about the spirituality and traditions of the Kuku Yalanji people and their unique connection with this ancient land.

rainforest centre designAll this inspired me to make a glass piece that I call RAINFOREST FREEDOM…it reminds me of our day floating in the Mossman River, feeling free, calm and peaceful. Here is the base glass that is the centre feature of this work.   I hope you like this work. ????????????????????????????????This is the raw glass just cut and put together.  Then I full fuse the pieces together at 760 degrees.????????????????????????????????After the blank is inspected, all the sides are cold worked and the very last step is that the pieces are put into molds and gently slumped into the shape required.  This is done at a much lower temperature, depending on the mold shape it might only go up to 553degrees. ????????????????????????????????

The Mossman Gorge is steeped in history and legends that have been passed down through the generations of the Kuku Yalanji People.Culture hero

One of their greatest legends is a tale abut the striking backdrop to the Gorge – Manjal Dimbi.  Manjal Dimbi is the most prominent of the nearby mountains.  Roughly transated, Manjal Dimbi means “mountain holding back”.  According to Aboriginal dreamtime stories, the large humanoid rock represents Kubirri, who came to the aid of the Kukku Talanji when they were persecuted by the evil spirit, Wurrumbu.  Kubirri holds back the evil spirit, who is now confined to The Bluff above Mossman River, Manjal Dimbi has been anglicised to “Mt Demi” and Kubirri is now known as the “Good Shepherd”.  ????????????????????????????????

Thank you for reading my blog  🙂  I hope you found this interesting.

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